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1. Machine Dimensions:

Height: 1.5 ft
Width: 1 ft
Depth: 6 inches
Weight: 24 Lbs

2. Bill / Coin Acceptor
• Accepts up to (4) Bills
• Bill acceptor can be set to accept only singles if one desires

3. Sound Features
• Audible instructions and volume control
• Every Machine is Programmable to Spanish and
other languages are available

4. Machine Design
• Made of 16 gauge galvanized steel and is powder coated
Has a tubular lock and a special key made of steel
• Holds up to 600 straws and are dispensed one at a time at
the bottom (any straws can be used)

5. Electronic Components
• Digital display with 2 different colors to indicate the results of Blood Alcohol Concentration (red and green)
• 4 Bright graphic screens that guide you through the test

6. Systems
• Automatic calibration system: Starts every time the machine is powered on
• Breathalyzer check-up system: Detects any malfunctioning of the machine
• Cleaning system: Eliminates any prior breath samples after each test
• Anti-condensation system: Prevents condensation from entering the machine after each test.
• Alcohol Sensor replacement indicator: The machine indicates when the alcohol sensor must be replaced (supplied by Alco-Buddy). Sensors last between 800-1100 uses and cost is $100

7. Breathalyzer Installation
• Easily Wall mounted
• Plugs into an electric outlet (Only 12 Volts of power used)

8. Accuracy (+/- .o1)

9. Calibration Frequency (1x per 3 months)
• Accepts US $1, $5, $10 & $20
• Bills can be inserted 4-ways
• Accepts new currency
• High acceptance rate: >90%
• Validation time of 4 seconds
• Recessed Optic Sensors
• Optic sensors read both sides of the bill for added security
• High quality at a great price
• Bill path is easily accessible from the top via hinged lid, no tools required
• Lighted bezel makes bill insertion easy
• Easily accessible dip switches
• Complete with mounting plate, hardware, decals, and power cord
• Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
• Model BL-700-USD4 +12vdc


Alco-Buddy Wi-Fi LCD Machine

Alco-Buddys new LCD feature is designed for Business owners who want more ways to access their advertisements. The Alco-buddys  8" display offers built-in Media Server connectivity to let you stream photos instantly from your computer over your home network. You can also connect at the speed of Wi-Fi (included) or optional broadband for fast access to new slideshows sent directly from clients located anywhere across the world. Also featuring a high-res 8" display, memory card reader, Wi-Fi adapter, intuitive on-screen menus along with Alco-buddys custom designs, The Alco-Buddy is far different from any other Breathalyzer vending machine.

Features Include

* Phone and Wi-Fi connectivity
* Media Server connectivity
* Built-in memory card reader
* Easy-to-use on screen menu to control display modes, rotation and deletion, slideshow transition and timing, screen on and off times and more.
* Perfect True-to-PhotoT display (no stretching, cropping or squishing)
* Unlimited photo storage and customization, channel selections (news, weather, calendar, sports & more) and greeting cards.
* PicturePlan Lifetime Warranty (if it breaks, we fix it for free*)
* Customer pays return postage  

Product Specifications

Tech Specs for lCD
Screen: High resolution, 8-inch active matrix digital LCD screen
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Display Resolution: 640 x 480
Height: 8.5"
Width: 10"
Depth: 3"
Weight: 3 lbs
Media Server Support: PC with Vista, Windows Media Player 11, Macintosh with additional media server software
Memory Card Support: Compact Flash®, Memory Stick®, Memory Stick PROT, Memory Stick DuoT, Memory Stick PRO DuoT, Secure DigitalT, SmartMediaT, MultiMedia CardT, Microdrive®, xD-Picture CardT, miniSDT Card (some cards require an adapter)

We are here to help you make an educated decision about your investment and that is why ALCO-BUDDY wants you to take into consideration what really sets us apart from the rest…

Other Standard Alco-Buddy Features

• Our machines are the only ones on the market that give you the option to charge between 1 through 4 bills or quarters

• Our product pricing is very affordable; contact us for a quote and we will get back to you within 12-24hours.

• ALCO-BUDDY machines give very accurate results and have been compared to multiple breathalyzer results.

• Smaller machines, which sit on a floor stand or bar top, are not as likely to attract as much attention and are at higher risk of being stolen or tampered with.

• ALCO-BUDDY machines are securely wall-mounted at eye level where people can see them and have a flashy attraction cycle that sparks curiosity in people that see the machine, ensuring more usage.

• ALCO-BUDDY machines are great breathalyzers because they are accurate, easily calibrated and only need to be calibrated every 2-3 months.

• ALCO-BUDDY machines hold 600 straws, the most of any machine out there, which leads to fewer trips to each machine and less of a hassle.

• The alcohol sensors in our machines last longer than others (approximately 800-1100 uses), are easy to replace and cost only $100.

• There are many different languages that you can set the machine to and a combination of languages is an alternative.

• Lots of surface area on the machine allows for tons of advertising space.

• There are 9 switches on the inside of the machine to easily set your options for: cost of each test, language/language combination, calibration mode and the type of alcohol test.

• ALCO-BUDDY always provides our customers' with quality customer service from start-up to expansion in every aspect of the business!

3M Logo, 3M Wraps
We use the best quality 3M vinyl wraps on all of our machines to ensure longest durability. All 3M vinyl wraps come with a 5 year material quality guarantee!

Alcobuddy secures your financial future!